Poem 16 – Horizon

The sun glows on the back of black tresses,

This gleaming ball of firelight – the sun –

Said its last goodbyes as satin dresses

Lace, silk, puffed sleeves, rubies, merged into one.

Red, orange, yellow, across the horizon

A semi-circle radiating bright light –

The memories of a herd of bison

Fade as the picturesque bird wings take flight.

Mark my words, this day will be recalled soon

Glorious or ghastly, charming or not –

Rosy glow increasing, plummeting moon,

You will then think of what the day has brought.

Make the most of each vivid rise and set

On the horizon – if you will just let.

Note that the poem is written in the style of a sonnet, please give me your feedback in the comments.



Poem 15 – Dog Days Are Over

Hi everyone!

Here is a poem that I dug up that continues my previous series of poems written to music. As you can probably guess, this poem was written while listening to the song “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence & The Machine. Enjoy, and please feel free to leave a comment!

Lying in the corner

listening to a sweet melody

it spilled over me

in a burst of foam

and suddenly I was



under the milky white foam,

my mother, father, sisters and brothers

gazing at me from the shoreline

until they became nothing more than

tiny black dots

and the world was so fresh,

taunting me to explore,

so I gave in,

and dove under.



Poem 14 – H2O


pounds the earth,

cleansing it to its very pores.


threatens to drown all we have know,

and carry our thoughts away

on a warm current of air.


a necessary element of life,

a salve for a parched throat,

heat’s only savior.


the force of it can shake your being

and tear every single shard you thought

was able to hold itself together


Until there is nothing left.

Only an endless

stream, current, tide, pool, river, lake, sea, ocean, world –

of water,

shrouded in the salt of mankind’s tears.


Poem 13 – Yellow Light

Life pushes us,

crowds us into boxes and spaces

we don’t understand.

A yellow light

gleams with mirage-filled eyes

and suddenly there is clarity

in the black of night,

when all is silent.

Ink rushes out of a well-worn pen,

deep blue,

like the deep blue of the ocean.

The yellow light awaits;

its love is



Poem 12 – Radioactive

Sorry for not posting in a while — life’s been busy, but that’s not really an excuse — I need to get better at this blogging thing.

I wrote this poem a couple of months ago while listening to the song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons — enjoy! And please let me know what you think (constructive criticism is always valuable for me) in the comments below.

The new age

Flashes of bright light


across the sky,



across the street.


Deep within me,

I feel a burst,

an explosion,

that I cannot control,

just as I cannot control

the world I live in.



Poem 11 – Memories

They say, who we are today

is just an amalgam of


attempting to arrange themselves

into a logical order.

They say,

you make memories every day –

and yet,

some seem to last for all eternity

while others


into nothingness.

Time ticks on,






In the last moments of today

before the birth of tomorrow,

we create something





Poem 10 – Brooklyn Bridge

Yellow taxi cab

Endless time

No destination, only forward —

I climb on top

of the car,

the world.

Under the Brooklyn Bridge I see only











The buildings greet me like an old friend,

and we reminisce together

slowly, softly

in the moonlight.

Cold, bitter, windy light

penetrates my very being —

Do I swim with or against the current,

that everlasting tide of traffic?


glowing embers of a forgotten fireplace,

and nothing is as it seems

Truth or fiction?

The night swirls on.


Poem 9 – Gray Skies

Please comment! I haven’t posted in a bit so I thought I would post twice today (no, you’re not seeing double).

Vancouver, Canada

A huge bear dwells in my backyard

Lush green trees

sway in the distance to the grey music

The clear blue inlet

is beckoning me;

yet I do not get swallowed up

by what I see.

Salmon reside between

pop can wrappers and seaweed,

Rocks and dirt

litter the sea floor,

Choking the sand

in its grasp.

What is there to admire

about the endless,

rusty grey skies?

Snow-capped mountains embedded in reality,

Granville Island yearns for Ambleside Park.

The waves are melodic;

rising and falling in the dark.


Rate my Teen Ink Poem – “Light”

Rate my Teen Ink Poem – “Light”

Hello everyone,

I recently posted a free-verse poem called “Light” to Teen Ink and would really appreciate if you all rated it because higher ratings increase my chances of getting published in their magazine 🙂 Please click on the link above to rate it!

Thank you for your continued support on my journey.


Poem 8 – San Francisco

Sorry that I’ve been inactive lately. My school just started so I’ve been busy, but I will try and post as often as I can.

This is not just one poem but a trio of haikus written in San Francisco, about San Francisco. I had the chance to visit the beautiful city this summer, which was the home of a thriving group of literary critics who each had their own unique voices, called the Beats. All three of the haikus were inspired by what I did during my stay in the city.

Enjoy, and please comment!

Quaint streets and Beat haunts

Chinatown knockoffs pasta

Green grass park at dusk

Mist enveloping

Golden Gate Bridge; cable cars

Dancing up and down the streets

Swirls of foggy air

Cindy Sherman exhibit

Graffiti rooftops