Poem 16 – Horizon

The sun glows on the back of black tresses,

This gleaming ball of firelight – the sun –

Said its last goodbyes as satin dresses

Lace, silk, puffed sleeves, rubies, merged into one.

Red, orange, yellow, across the horizon

A semi-circle radiating bright light –

The memories of a herd of bison

Fade as the picturesque bird wings take flight.

Mark my words, this day will be recalled soon

Glorious or ghastly, charming or not –

Rosy glow increasing, plummeting moon,

You will then think of what the day has brought.

Make the most of each vivid rise and set

On the horizon – if you will just let.

Note that the poem is written in the style of a sonnet, please give me your feedback in the comments.



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