Writing Tip 3 – Weighing the Pros and Cons of Accidental Alliteration, Puns & Rhyming

Alliteration, puns and rhyming are three of the best techniques to draw a reader into your work, and you can use them to your advantage.  However, when used ineffectively, your work can turn into a disaster. Here’s the pros and cons of these three literary techniques.



– Alliteration can entertain as well as inform the reader at the same time when used in moderation.

– It’s fun to write. Notice the title of this post – “accidental alliteration.” That was an accident, I can assure you. Let’s not pretend here, you find this hilarious.


Alliteration can backfire if it’s overused, since readers will focus on the alliteration itself and not the message you’re trying to convey.



– Puns can be used to fool a reader, and they are smart literary devices to use when trying to convey meaning.

– You feel on top of the world when you find a pun.


– Unintended punning. It may come out wrong because it was unintended.



– It’s melodic.

– Especially in poems, rhyming usually works in favor of a literary work.


– Too much rhyming is a pain, unless having a perfect rhyme scheme helps develop the theme of your poem.

– Rhyming prose. Just don’t do it.




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