Story 3 – The Stained Glass Window

This is a short story that I wrote while sitting next to a stained-glass window a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy, and please comment!

In the darkened space, the brightest light falls onto figures from a stained-glass window. But it is not just any stained glass window – its vibrant shades of orange, red and deep orange, as well as the green leaves and succulent purple grapevine designs create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. It is a haven for those who wish to escape from the bustling world outside the glass, a cave-like, hollowed space. Those who are inside can see out, as we are enclosed in a small bubble, but those outside in the world cannot see inside.


She sits on the ragged carpet on the floor, her hands unconsciously feeling its divets. Among her are many others, all sitting cross-legged on the floor, who have come from across the globe. They come from exotic countries filled with fresh aromas such as India, Tanzania, turkey, France, Thailand.

The room is beginning to fill to capacity with these people, their clothes – some vibrant, others tattered – blended together. It was as if the entire world was mixed together in one place.

She, however, felt utterly alone and wished she could break open the intricate stained-glass windows and re-enter the society that she knew, not this alien, foreign one.

And so she broke out of the haven, the shelter of sorts, and emerged into civilization.



8 thoughts on “Story 3 – The Stained Glass Window

  1. Thanks for the insightful comment Jofelyn, maybe you’re right it’s an allegory. Do you think I should not classify it as a story? And yes, I’ve read Lord of the Flies – it was a great book!

  2. I mentioned Lord of Flies because like your story throughout out the novel it was not explained what kids was doing at the island. Is was only later at school did I learn that those kids were on airplane enroute to Australia when it crashed because there was nuclear war going on and being on lower side of the globe Australia was safest place from nuclear attack. That was a lot of information to leave but somehow you don’t really miss anything when you read the novel without this background story.

    This piece can develop into a story I’m sure. You got a good premise here. It was not only clear to me why were you inside the shelter when there is a civilization outside? What’s wrong with the outside world ? It would be nice to read more stories from you. Keeping on writing.

  3. Thank you! I understand what you mean, it’s pretty unclear to function as a story. I don’t think I’ll develop this one into a story, but I am working on a few stories at the moment so you’ll definitely see more work from me in the future 🙂

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