Environmental Writing 1 – Barren

This isn’t really a poem, essay, story, book review, or writing tip, exactly. I decided to experiment with a new genre: environmental writing. It is quite poetic, however,  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the description and that you imagine a scene in your head similar to the one that was in front of me when I wrote this.


The sun casts its shadow over the entire scene, illuminating the blades of dry yellow grass. Dragonflies and other bugs fly in and out through the blades, unsure where to land, endlessly in flight. They mimic the path of the helicopter as it flies in circles around the dry, barren scene for a few minutes, and then decide to fly like the birds soaring overhead.

The two birds admire the semicircle-shaped scene; one of them lets out a soft cawing noise as it nears the edge, disappearing into the trees that surround the semicircle of grass. The trees, green and with many leaves, are the only spots of color in the barren landscape aside from the overhanging mud brick roofs of houses peaking out form beneath the trees. They are puffy, as though someone has inflated them with air – leaves reflecting the heat of the sun.

The blades of grass whip around by sudden gusts of wind, and each blade has its own distinctive shade and size – bright yellow, dull yellow, rusty brown, and dark brown.

Aside from the occasional whirring of helicopters and the faint rushing of cars, the only other noise surrounding the scene is the crunch of gravel as pedestrians walk along the winding path through the trees and the rustle of paper – man coexisting with nature. The only alteration to the harmony of the scene is a small field of green grass in the distance, a stark contrast to the barren brown of dry yellow grass dug out from the land. The contrast is striking where the sun streaks across the blades of grass, creating a patchwork of colors.



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