Book Review 3 – The Lost Saint by Bree Despain

As you’ve probably noticed, lately I’ve been in the mood for writing book reviews. I’ve just had a lot more time to read and I’m beginning to derive pleasure out of writing these reviews. So, without further ado, here’s my book review for The Lost Saint by Bree Despain!

The Lost Saint is actually the second book in a trilogy called the Dark Divine by Bree Despain, and focuses on the relationship between Grace Devine and Daniel Kalibi. I don’t want to give too much away, so this is going to be quite a short book review. But the book definitely deserves a review.

So. Back to the story. Daniel was a werewolf before Grace cured him (something that was deemed impossible, until she did it, earning her the name of The Divine One) but she is slowly falling under the influence of the wolf. This is because she got bitten by her brother, Jude, who had also turned into a werewolf. However, although the story doesn’t center on werewolves, there is this whole other side as well that involves a new character, Nathan Talbot. I’ll spare you the details, but basically Talbot (he insists that he be called by his last name throughout the book) helps Grace develop her new powers, when Daniel refuses to do this, in unexpected ways. Grace’s relationship with Daniel is eventually put at stake.

I greatly enjoyed the fast-paced, thrilling experience of reading this book, since it was full of suspense and action at almost every turn, but what disappointed me was Grace’s naivete. Don’t get me wrong, I love her determination and she’s cute and sweet, but she can be very innocent (and almost annoying) at times. Also, the whole let’s-tell-lies-because-we’re-boyfriend-and-girlfriend thing between her and Daniel did not bode well with me.

All in all, it was a good, but not great, read. I’d recommend it for a) those who have read the first book in the trilogy, The Dark Divine, or b) people who like supernatural teen romance novels in general.



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